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ACSI Bursaries for Academic Staff and Postgraduate Students Announcement

ACSI is pleased to announce the call for a number of bursaries for Academic staff and Postgraduate Students
working in the area of Canadian Studies within the island of Ireland.

For 2019, these bursaries will be: 2 academic staff bursaries at €1,500 (one research and one teaching) and 1 postgraduate bursary at €1,000 (research)
The bursaries are intended to assist with research or course preparation costs. They may be used for the purpose of conference attendance, travel, publication and the development of teaching courses, providing that there is a direct link to Canadian Studies.

Applicants are invited to submit their applications to Mr John Maher, ACSI President, email - jmaher@wit.ie before 5pm Irish time on 29th March 2019.
Applications may be submitted in either English or French.

Click here for further information on the ACSI Bursaries in English and here for further information on the ACSI Bursaries in French.

Text, Sound, Performance: Making in Canadian Space: Conference

In April 2019, scholars, students, writers, and community partners will gather in Dublin, Ireland for a three-day conference
on the theme of TEXT/SOUND/PERFORMANCE: Making in Canadian Space.
There will be a keynote address and masterclass workshop on each of the three pillars of the conference,
alongside academic and creative panels, roundtables, and performances.
Conference website: https://textsoundperformance.wordpress.com/
Registration: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/textsoundperformance-making-in-canadian-space-tickets-52748725859

Ktaqamkuk Across The Water Thar Muir - Irish Journal of Newfoundland and Labrador Research published by the Centre for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (WIT)

Celebrating the 1866 Newfoundland to Valentia inaugural Trans-Atlantic telegraph message

Further information on the Valentia Transatlantic Cable Station available by clicking here.

Photos from the 19th Biennial Conference of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI)
- taken by George Goulding

Mr John Coleman, Agent-General for Québec; Clr. John Cummins, Deputy Mayor of Waterford City & County Council;
Dr Julie Rodgers, President of ACSI and NUI Maynooth

Mr John Coleman, Agent-General for Québec; Clr. John Cummins, Deputy Mayor of Waterford City & County Council;
Mr. John Maher, Treasurer of ACSI and Waterford Institute of Technology

Mr John Coleman, Agent-General for Québec awards Dr. Egle Kackute with the Quebec Government Prize Lecturer Bursary Award for 2018

Mr John Coleman, Agent-General for Québec awards Peadar Kearney with the Quebec Government Prize Student Bursary 2018

Mr John Coleman, Agent-General for Québec; Dr Julie Rodgers, President of ACSI and NUI Maynooth; Clr. John Cummins Deputy Mayor of Waterford City & County Council; Peadar Kearney, Quebec Government Prize Student Bursary 2018; Dr. Eglie Kackute, Quebec Government Prize Lecturer Bursary 2018; John Maher, Waterford Institute of Technology

Mr John Coleman, Agent-General for Québec addressing the Canadian Re-Generations Conference Delegation at a reception in Waterford City Hall

Dr Dervila Cooke, ACSI and Dublin City University; Mr. John Maher, Treasurer of ACSI and Waterford Institute of Technology

Canadian Re-Generations Conference Waterford Keynote Speakers Dr. Leonard Wade Locke, Professor of Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland; Professor Maeve Conrick, UCD Canadian French Studies; Professor Marc Andre Fortin, Université de Sherbrooke Québec, Canada

Professor Raymond Blake, University of Regina,Saskatchewan, Canada & Wanda Blake, University of Regina,Saskatchewan, Canada;
Senator Grace O'Sullivan, Waterford; John Maher, Waterford Institute of Technology

Dr Julie Rodgers, President of ACSI and NUI Maynooth with Peadar Kearney, Quebec Government Prize Student Bursary 2018

Dr Julie Rodgers, President of ACSI and NUI Maynooth with Prize Winner Dr Helen Roe, Queens University Belfast

Peadar Kearney, Quebec Government Prize Student Bursary 2018; Dr Julie Rodgers, President of ACSI and NUI Maynooth;
David Parris, ACSI and Trinity College Dublin

Dr Riana O’Dwyer, Secretary of ACSI and NUI Galway; John Maher, Treasurer of ACSI and Waterford Institute of Technology;
Dr Julie Rodgers, President of ACSI and NUI Maynooth

Professor Rachel Killick, Meritus Professor of Quebec Studies; David Parris, Trinity College Dublin; Dr. Richard Hayes, Vice President of Strategic Planning WIT; Professor Marc Andre Fortin, Université de Sherbrooke Québec, Canada

Professor Maeve Conrick, ACSI and UCD Canadian French Studies; Jennifer Bolger, WIT Library; Kieran Cronin, WIT Library;
Dr. Tom O'Toole, Head of School of Business Waterford Institute of Technology

Rosemary Locke, Newfoundland; Dr. Felicity Kelliher, School of Business Waterford Institute of Technology;
Dr. Leonard Wade Locke, Professor of Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland

ACSI 19th Biennial Conference 2018 - Finalised Programme Including Venues

Click here to download the conference programme for the forthcoming 19th Biennial Conference of ACSI to be held at
Waterford Institute of Technology from 26-28 April 2018.

Map available from here
ACSI 19th Biennial Conference 2018 - Registration Form

Click here to download the Registration Form for the forthcoming 19th Biennial Conference of ACSI to be held at
Waterford Institute of Technology from 26-28 April 2018.

Included with the Registration Form is information about Conference Accommodation and information about travel to Waterford.
Should you have any queries about the arrangements for the conference, or have special dietary or other requirements,
please get in touch with Conference Organiser John Maher, email - jmaher@wit.ie.
ACSI Council and the Conference Committee look forward to welcoming you to Waterford in April.
19th Biennial Conference of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI)

19th Biennial Conference of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI)
- CALL FOR PAPERS Extended to Friday 2nd February, 2018.

Click here for the Call for papers in English and click here for Francais.

19th Biennial Conference of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI)
26th - 28th April 2018
Waterford Institute of Technology

Call for Papers:
Canadian Re-Generation(s)

Please address any general queries to Dr Julie Rodgers, ACSI President, email - julie.rodgers@mu.ie or Mr John Maher, ACSI Treasurer, email - jmaher@wit.ie.
We welcome submissions in French or English and the deadline for proposals is Friday 2nd February, 2018.
Call for Papers for a Special Issue of the Canadian Literature Journal themed
"Rescaling CanLit: Global Readings"

This special issue invites scholars of Canadian literature from around the globe to engage critically with any aspect of Canadian literary production, dissemination, or reception. Essays should implicitly bring to view the two-way direction of reading and writing Canadian literature globally, demonstrating the porosity of transnational scholarship as well as advancing innovative perspectives that may contribute to the rescaling of the field.
Submissions should be uploaded to Canadian Literature's online submissions system (OJS)
by the deadline of May 15, 2018.
43rd Annual Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies (BACS)

43rd Annual Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies (BACS)
19-21 April 2018
Senate House, London, United Kingdom
Call for Papers:
2018 - A Century Later: Memory, Remembrance and Change
For more information click here
Céad Míle Fáilte to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

As president of ACSI, Dr Julie Rodgers was invited by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to attend the State dinner in honour of the official visit of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to Ireland. The dinner took place in St. Patrick’s Hall, Dublin Castle on 4th July 2017 and was attended by representatives from the cabinet as well as the education, business, arts and culture and sports sectors.
Governor General’s International Award in Canadian Studies

Professor Maeve Conrick was awarded the Governor General’s International Award in Canadian Studies by the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) on 11th June 2017. The award recognises ‘a researcher who has made an outstanding contribution to scholarship and to the development of Canadian Studies internationally’. Professor Maeve Conrick is Professor and former Principal of the College of Arts and Humanities at University College Dublin and also past president of ACSI.

Photographed are Stewart Gill (Incoming President of ICCS), Professor Maeve Conrick,
Hon. Jim Kelly (Irish Ambassador to Canada) and Dr Julie Rodgers (President of ACSI).
Canada 150 - BACS Conference

Our president Julie Rodgers attended the annual BACS conference in London (Canada House) from 20th-22nd April 2017. As well as chairing a panel, Julie participated in a round table discussion on the topic of ‘Canadian Cultural Exports’. The conference theme was Canada 150.
New Book Title

ACSI is delighted to announce the publication of Conrick, Maeve, M. Eagles, J. Koustas, C. Ní Chasaide, (eds), (2017).
Landscapes and Landmarks of Canada, real, imagined, (re)viewed.
Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Cultural Studies Series, 286pp.
ISBN 13: 978-1-77112-201-6
Click here.
Click here for full size PDF  


Untold Stories of the Past 150 Years (CFP)

Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation offers a pivotal moment not only to re-evaluate the dominant narratives that helped to shape Canadian national identity, but also to consider those narratives that, until recently, have been suppressed or held considerably less attention in public forums and debates. Many of the nation’s dominant stories and foundational myths offer a particular vantage point about the country's origins and development, which diminish or altogether marginalize other narratives--even as the latter have been equally crucial to how Canada has come to assume its current shape, politically, sociologically, and otherwise. This conference offers an interdisciplinary forum for the exploration of these untold stories, to nuance and complicate the record. It will give space for the further consideration of narratives that have only begun to attract national attention in the past couple of decades and that have yet to receive critical attention. The objective of this conference is therefore to consider what stories about Canadian history and national identity remain untold or only partially told--and to consider why?

There are some surviving narratives, for example, about the arrival of the Irish at Grosse Isle in the mid-nineteenth century (see, as one instance, the work of Susanna Moodie), but what other lesser known stories exist? Few are also familiar with how members of the Mi'kmaq Warriors Society have been arrested and incarcerated for their struggle against fracking, their ongoing assertion and exercise of nationhood, and the repression they have endured from police and courts. This conference will draw on stories such as these.

Untold stories may encompass (and extend beyond) Irish emigration to Canada and related nation-building narratives; the rise of Indigenous communities that have demanded greater accountability in socio-political interactions and the historical record; shifting gender politics that have showcased how public, socio-political, and legal arenas must address persistent inequities; women who need to be celebrated for their contributions to Canadian history, culture, or policy; missing and murdered Indigenous women; national policies that have a bearing on identity politics; the resurgence of environmental concerns that are often bypassed or repressed in favour of economic pursuits; socio-economic and class-based disparities; narratives about those by or about refugees and their descendants; histories of African-Canadians, including but not limited to stories of settlement after the Underground Railroad; narratives of diasporic formations in Canada; Japanese-Canadians, Italian- Canadian, German-Canadian and other immigrants' experiences of internment during Second World War; changes in government labour policy; competing regional and national identities; and the realities of multiculturalism in Canada and the history of immigration policy, in spite of the popular rhetoric that may otherwise seem to suggest the nation offers an ideal of tolerance towards differing races and ethnicities.

Abstracts for papers about such untold stories should be approximately 300 words in length and sent with 50-word biographical statements to the current Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies, Dr. Linda Morra (linda.morra@ucd.ie), and the Director of Canadian Studies, Dr. Paul Halferty (paul.halferty@ucd.ie), by November 1, 2016, for a conference to be held through UCD, Ireland, on April 28-29, 2017. Potential conference presenters will be notified of their acceptance by mid-December, 2016.


Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI)

18th Biennial Conference

Imagi/Nation: Canada Past and Future

Maynooth University, 13-14 May 2016

As Ireland prepares to celebrate the centenary of the historic events of 1916, it is timely to recall that the ensuing Constitution of the Irish Free State owes much to the Canadian Constitution, referencing that nation as a model in a number of its articles.

This conference will explore the multiple facets − political, economic, historical, geographical, linguistic, literary and artistic – of Canada as a nation defined not only by its past, but by a future conceived through diverse and ever-evolving representations of that past.  Possible topics might include:

•    Nation and commemoration
•    Nation-building and legislation
•    Mapping the nation
•    National identity/ies
•    Trans-national relations
•    The eco-nation
•    The future of nationhood
•    (Re)imagining the nation

Organising Committee:
Professor Michael Brophy, ACSI President
Professor Jane Koustas, ACSI and UCD Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies
Dr Julie Rodgers, ACSI Secretary

To download the programme click here.

To download the registration form click here.

L’Association irlandaise d’études canadiennes

18e colloque biennal

Imagi/Nation: le Canada, son passé et son avenir

Université de Maynooth, 13-14 mai 2016

Alors que l’Irlande se prépare à célébrer le centenaire des événements historiques de 1916, il est opportun de rappeler que la Constitution de l’État libre d’Irlande qui s’ensuivit doit beaucoup à la Constitution canadienne, prenant cette nation pour modèle dans plusieurs de ses articles.
Ce colloque explorera les multiples aspects – politiques, économiques, historiques, géographiques, linguistiques, littéraires et artistiques – du Canada tel qu’il se définit non seulement par son passé, mais par un avenir envisagé à partir des représentations diverses et changeantes de ce même passé. Parmi les approches possibles :

•    La nation et la commémoration
•    L’édification de la nation par voie de législation
•    La nation et ses espaces
•    Identité(s) nationale(s)
•    Relations trans-nationales
•    L’éco-nation
•    Quel avenir pour la nation ?
•    (Ré)imaginer la nation



Mikinaakominis / TransCanadas
Literature, Justice, Relation
An Interdisciplinary Canadian Literatures in English Conference
University of Toronto
May 25-27, 2017

Smaro Kamboureli, University of Toronto
Larissa Lai, University of Calgary

Please click here for further information.

“The Toronto School: THEN | NOW | NEXT”

October 14-16, 2016,
University of Toronto.

The Conference aims to bring together international scholars to engage in dialogue on the origins, rise, decline and the rebirth of the so-called Toronto School of Communication. Discussion will focus on its major figures, including Harold Innis, Eric Havelock, Northrop Frye, Marshall McLuhan, Walter Ong, Edmund Carpenter, among others. The Conference will also examine the extent to which the Toronto School has provided a legacy that continues to offer insight on crucial and systemic issues facing contemporary society across various disciplines.

The Call for Papers is available here. (Deadline for submission: June 30, 2016).



Thanks to the ongoing generosity of York University president emerita Lorna Marsden, the Robarts Centre for
Canadian Studies (RCCS) invites applications for the 2016-2017 Robarts Visiting Fellowship at York
University (Toronto, ON). The Fellowship is open to full-time (tenured or tenure-track) faculty members who
work on issues concerning Canada and who are based outside the country, are planning to go on sabbatical or
other leave during 2016-2017 and have demonstrated scholarly expertise on Canada and a commitment to
Canadian studies.
The Fellowship will provide the selected faculty member with $2500 in funding to cover travel and
accommodations costs while in residence*. Visitors will also be offered prime office space in the Centre for the
duration of the visit and they will have access to York Libraries. The Archives of Ontario and the Clara Thomas
Archives and Special Collections are also located on campus, and the Environment Canada Library is nearby.
Visitors will be expected to contribute to the academic life at the Centre by leading a workshop or seminar
connected to their research expertise. Visitorships will be at least one month’s duration. The Robarts Centre can
assist in arranging on-campus accommodation, if requested.
Priority may be given to scholars working in the one of the current main research areas at the Robarts Centre:
northern studies, black Canada, the environment, Indigenous studies or Canadian culture. Other approaches will
also be considered.
Application Process & Deadline
Researchers must supply the following as part of their application:
1. A current CV;
2. A statement of the research project and how residency at the Robarts Centre will facilitate this project (no
more than 500 words). Applicants should indicate their preference for timing. Normally, applicants planning to
visit between September and June will receive preference;
3. A letter of support from a current tenure-track faculty member at York University. This faculty member must
be an associate of the Robarts Centre http://robarts.info.yorku.ca/about-us/robarts-centre-associates/
4. A letter of support from their Departmental Chair or Dean.
The deadline for consideration for this award is Feb. 29, 2016 (11:59 EST). Applications should be sent to the
Robarts Centre at robarts@yorku.ca.

*Please Note: Visitors will be reimbursed for travel and accommodation related expenses
incurred, up to $2500, upon completion of the visit, in accordance with York University travel
reimbursement policy.


International Academic Conference on Canadian Studies:
Trudeau’s Foreign Policy
October 14 – 15

Call for Papers

The International Academic Conference on Canadian Studies: Trudeau’s Foreign Policy, organized by Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS), will be held in Guangzhou on October 14th – 15th . The conference aspires to explore Trudeau’s Foreign Policy from the perspectives Sino-Canada relations, US-Canada relations, Europe-Canada relations, etc.. The forum welcomes researchers in Canadian studies from across the world to participate.

The conference now cordially invites submission of papers within 5500 words, together with a brief narrative bio-note in English (50-100 words), contact information with the speaker’s name, affiliation, email address, and telephone and fax numbers. Please send emails to gdufsccs2016@163.com.

The deadline for submission of papers in MS Word Format is August 30th, 2016. The Organizing Committee of the conference reserves the right to edit the paper if necessary. The submitted papers should be original and have not been contributed or published elsewhere.

Under the theme of “Canadian Studies: Trudeau’s Foreign Policy”, the topics for the conference include, but are not restricted to, the following overlapping categories:

A. Sino-Canada relations (In terms of politics, economy, diplomacy etc.)
B. Canada and Chinese “Belt and Road Initiate”
C. US-Canada relations (In terms of politics, economy, diplomacy etc.)
D. Europe-Canada relations (In terms of politics, economy, diplomacy etc.)
E. Canada’s relations with other countries or regions (In terms of politics, economy, diplomacy etc.)

All the finalized full papers will be carefully reviewed; official invitation letters and a Final Registration Confirmation Form will be sent by September 10th, 2016, to participants whose finalized full papers have been accepted by the Academic Review Panel of the Conference. Authors of the accepted full papers will have 15 minutes to present their work at the parallel sessions with 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Best papers selected by the Academic Review Panel of the Forum will be included in the Conference Proceedings to be published after the Forum.

The concrete time, place, agenda and other conference details shall be uncovered shortly. For more information about the Conference and Center for Canadian Studies, please login to website.

Please email your inquiries to:
The Organizing Committee of the Forum, GDUFS: gdufsccs2016@163.com


The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (MISC) is accepting applications for the Eakin Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Studies for the Winter 2017 term.

The Fellowship is awarded for periods of one or two academic semesters to an active scholar focusing on studies related to Canada. It will be awarded to a scholar with a Ph.D., normally on sabbatical from their own academic institution. The position is open, in terms of rank and discipline, to a dynamic scholar who can enrich the study of Canada with fresh perspectives. The Fellowship may also be awarded to an individual outside of the academic community, whose writing, research or public career have made a significant contribution to intellectual life in Canada.

The Fellow will receive a stipend of $12,000 per semester and will be expected to teach one upper-year undergraduate seminar in Canadian Studies.

Please click here for complete application details.


Two new books have just been launched about Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, written by two Irish/Irish based scholars, Liz Doherty and Mats Melin.

The Cape Breton Fiddle Companion by Liz Doherty is an A-Z compendium of all things Cape Breton fiddle related. One With the Music by Mats Melin is about the Cape Breton step dance tradition.

Both books are published by Cape Breton University Press and were launched there during the Celtic Colours International Festival.


(NUI Galway, June 2015)
“It gives me great pleasure to launch the Digital Irish Famine Archive and “Saving the Famine Irish: The Grey Nuns and the Great Hunger” exhibit.  Both the digital archive and the exhibit commemorate and pay tribute to the Grey Nuns of Montreal and people of French and English Canada, like Bishop Michael Power in Toronto and Dr. John Vondy in Chatham, now Miramichi, New Brunswick, who gave their lives caring for Irish emigrants during the Famine exodus of 1847.  It is especially fitting that we launch the digital archive on this day, after Montreal’s Irish community has just made its annual pilgrimage to the Black Stone monument, which marks the site of the city’s fever sheds and mass graves for six thousand Irish dead, and before the Irish Famine Summer School begins at the Irish National Famine Museum in Strokestown, County Roscommon.  The stories contained within the digital archive attest to the selfless devotion of the Grey Nuns in tending to typhus-stricken emigrants and providing homes for Irish orphans.  In an age of increasingly desperate acts of migration, their compassion provides a lesson for us all.”

The Digital Irish Famine Archive can be found here.


Colloque "Le Québec dans les Amériques"

(Washington, 15 et 16 janvier 2016)

L'Association internationale des études québécoises organise son premier colloque de jeunes chercheurs en études québécoises et comparatives dans les Amériques sur le thème "Le Québec dans les Amériques." Le colloque se tiendra les 15 et 16 janvier 2016 à Washington, DC. Cet événement se déroulera en partie dans les locaux du prestigieux Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars et en partie à Georgetown University, nos institutions partenaires pour cette initiative.

À l'instar du colloque organisé par l’Association des Jeunes Chercheurs Européens en Études Québécoises (AJCELQ) en Europe, cet événement offrira aux jeunes chercheurs une occasion unique de partager, toutes disciplines confondues, leurs travaux récents sur le Québec autant comme société distincte que dans ses rapports aux Amériques. Les perspectives comparatives seront évidemment bien accueillies. Les communications pourront se faire en français ou en anglais.

De 20 à 30 participants seront retenus par un jury composé de professeurs et spécialistes sur la base d'un résumé de 200 mots et d'un curriculum vitae abrégé comprenant adresse, numéro de téléphone et adresse de courrier électronique. Les candidatures doivent être soumises avant le 14 septembre 2015. La ou les meilleures communications seront éligibles à une publication éventuelle dans la Revue internationale d'études canadiennes (RIEC), suite à un travail de révision et de soumission encadré par des spécialistes du jury. Le transport et les repas du midi seront pris en charge. Un hébergement à coût modique sera proposé aux participants.

Les chercheuses ou chercheurs de 3e cycle, de niveau post-doc, ou en emploi dans le milieu universitaire depuis moins de 3 ans sont cordialement invités à soumettre leur communication avant le 14 septembre 2015, à Madame Miléna Santoro, présidente de l'AIEQ et professeure à Georgetown University, à l'adresse courriel suivante: santorom@georgetown.edu.

Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez consulter le site de l'AIEQ (www.aieq.qc.ca, sous "Colloques de l'AIEQ").


"Quebec and/in the Americas"

Washington, January 15-16, 2016

The AIEQ (International Association for Quebec Studies) is organizing its first conference for young researchers in Quebec and comparative studies on the theme of "Quebec and/in the Americas." The conference will be held on January 15 and 16, 2016 in Washington, DC, and will be hosted in two venues: at the prestigious Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and at Georgetown University, our institutional partners in this initiative.

Following the example of the annual conference of the AJCELQ (the Association des Jeunes Chercheurs Européens en Études Québécoises) in Europe, this conference will offer junior scholars the opportunity to share their recent work, from any and all disciplines, on Quebec as a distinct society within the Americas or on Quebec's complex relationship to its hemispheric context. Comparative approaches will be particularly welcome. Papers may be presented in either English or French.

Between 20 and 30 participants will be selected by a jury of professors and specialists, on the basis of a 200-word abstract and short CV, including contact information, to be submitted by the deadline of September 14, 2015. The best paper or papers will be eligible for publication in the International Journal of Canadian Studies, with individual mentoring for the revisions and submission process provided by one or two of the appropriate specialist(s) from our selection committee. Participant travel will be funded, as will midday meals and coffee breaks. The hotel accommodations, which are very reasonable, will be the responsibility of the participants or their home institutions.

All doctoral candidates, post-doctoral scholars, or junior faculty hired in 2012 or later are eligible to email a proposal by September 14th, 2015, to Dr. Miléna Santoro, President of the AIEQ and Associate Professor at Georgetown University, at santorom@georgetown.edu. Please visit the AIEQ website for additional information in the weeks to come (www.aieq.qc.ca, under "Colloques de l'AIEQ").


The Irish Journal of French Studies is now available online: click here.

ADEFFI  Association des études françaises et francophones d'Irlande
is now online: click here.

ADEFFI is also on Facebook.


Bridging Divides: Art & Design in Canada

From left to right: Professor Brian Foss (UCD Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies), Rosalind Pepall (former Senior Curator of Decorative Arts, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts), Dr Carol Payne (Carleton University), Professor Michael Brophy (President of ACSI), Dr Anna Hudson (York University), Professor Gerta Moray (University of Guelph), Dr Emily Mark-FitzGerald (UCD), Dr Charles C. Hill (former Curator of Canadian Art, National Gallery of Canada)

Please click here for order form.  
Conference on Immigration and Identity in Culture and Society

Click here for final programme.

Craig Dobbin/ACSI event: Bridging Divides: Art & Design in Canada

Click here for details.

7th Triennial International Conference
of the Central European Association for Canadian Studies

9 – 11 October 2015, Zagreb, Croatia

Details here.

7ème conférence triennale internationale
de l'Association d'études canadiennes en Europe centrale

9 – 11 octobre 2015, Zagreb, Croatie

Details here.

Multiculturalism in the Canadian Context
14-15 April, 2016 Lodz, Poland

Click here for details

A Land Shaped by Water: Perspectives on Canada
Turku, Finland, Wed 12 – Sat 15 August 2015

Click here for details

BACS Annual Conference - Open Call for Papers

BACS celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2015 and to mark this auspicious occasion there is an open call for papers on topics related to Canada to be presented at the annual conference in London, 23-25 April.

Click here for details
Colloque international / Congrès Etudes Canadiennes
« Regards croisés : Canada - Europe »

« Cross cultural perspectives – Canada – Europe »

10- 13 Juin 2015
Université de Nantes

Click here for details

Canadian Studies @ UCD: Diversity and Dynamism

UCD Centre for Canadian Studies Distinguished Lecture Series, 2014

Mondays, Room K114, UCD School of History and Archives

@ 4.30 p.m.

13 October 2014:  
Speaker: Dr Allan Blackstock, University of Ulster
Title: ‘From Monaghan to Montreal: Tyrone Guthrie and Canada, 1931-1952’
Chair: Dr Paul Halferty, UCD School of English, Drama and Film
3 November 2014:  
Speaker: Professor Helen O’Neill, UCD Professor Emeritus
Title: 'Helping Others or Helping Themselves? Some comparisons and contrasts between the Canadian and Irish foreign aid programmes'
Chair: Professor Maurice Bric, UCD School of History and Archives
17 November 2014  
Speaker: Professor Brian Foss, UCD Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies
Title: ‘“Let Him Paint Where He Can Dominate the Scene”: Tradition, Modernism and Autobiography in Paintings of Southern Ontario Landscapes, 1880-1914’
Chair: Dr Lynda Mulvin, UCD School of Art History

À l’occasion du Colloque bisannuel de l’Association irlandaise d’études canadiennes, la Délégation générale du Québec à Londres accorde à un(e) universitaire membre de l’Association, domicilié(e) en Irlande, un prix d’un montant de 1000 € , à utiliser dans le cadre d’un voyage d’études. Les candidatures, comportant un curriculum vitæ et un projet de recherche, doivent parvenir à la Présidente de l’association, Elizabeth Tilley, [elizabeth.tilley@nuigalway.ie] avant le 14 avril 2014. Le prix est destiné à récompenser et à encourager la recherche dans le domaine des études québécoises au sens large, comprenant les disciplines linguistiques et littéraires, ainsi que les sciences sociales (sociologie, histoire, sciences économiques &c.). Les thèmes contemporains (accent sur les problématiques actuelles) sont encouragés. Les candidatures seront évaluées par un comité formé de membres du bureau exécutif de l’association. Le prix sera remis au lauréat/à la lauréate à l’Hôtel Meyrick de Galway, à l’occasion du XVIIe Colloque de l’Association irlandaise d’études canadiennes, du 9 au 11 mai 2014.

Dr Elizabeth Tilley
Department of English
National University of Ireland, Galway

The Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI) was established in May 1982. Its objectives are to support and encourage the study and understanding of Canada - its culture, history and institutions - and to foster and examine the connections and parallels between Canada and Ireland.

New members are welcome.

Please contact:
Dr. Máire Áine Ní Mhainnín (ACSI Treasurer),
Department of French,
National University of Ireland,

email: Mary.Mannion@nuigalway.ie
During the AGM in Galway elections were held for positions on the executive committee. I am delighted to announce that the President of ACSI from 2014 to 2016 is Dr Michael Brophy. Our new Secretary is Dr Julie Rodgers, and our continuing Treasurer is Dr Maire Aine ni Mhainnin. Congratulations and thanks to all for agreeing to take on these jobs.

Elizabeth Tilley

ACSI 2014 Conference Delegates on the way to the Aran Islands

At Dun Aengus on Aran
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