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(NUI Galway, June 2015)
“It gives me great pleasure to launch the Digital Irish Famine Archive and “Saving the Famine Irish: The Grey Nuns and the Great Hunger” exhibit.  Both the digital archive and the exhibit commemorate and pay tribute to the Grey Nuns of Montreal and people of French and English Canada, like Bishop Michael Power in Toronto and Dr. John Vondy in Chatham, now Miramichi, New Brunswick, who gave their lives caring for Irish emigrants during the Famine exodus of 1847.  It is especially fitting that we launch the digital archive on this day, after Montreal’s Irish community has just made its annual pilgrimage to the Black Stone monument, which marks the site of the city’s fever sheds and mass graves for six thousand Irish dead, and before the Irish Famine Summer School begins at the Irish National Famine Museum in Strokestown, County Roscommon.  The stories contained within the digital archive attest to the selfless devotion of the Grey Nuns in tending to typhus-stricken emigrants and providing homes for Irish orphans.  In an age of increasingly desperate acts of migration, their compassion provides a lesson for us all.”

The Digital Irish Famine Archive can be found here.
Canadian Studies @ UCD: Diversity and Dynamism

UCD Centre for Canadian Studies Distinguished Lecture Series, 2014

Mondays, Room K114, UCD School of History and Archives

@ 4.30 p.m.

13 October 2014:  
Speaker: Dr Allan Blackstock, University of Ulster
Title: ‘From Monaghan to Montreal: Tyrone Guthrie and Canada, 1931-1952’
Chair: Dr Paul Halferty, UCD School of English, Drama and Film
3 November 2014:  
Speaker: Professor Helen O’Neill, UCD Professor Emeritus
Title: 'Helping Others or Helping Themselves? Some comparisons and contrasts between the Canadian and Irish foreign aid programmes'
Chair: Professor Maurice Bric, UCD School of History and Archives
17 November 2014  
Speaker: Professor Brian Foss, UCD Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies
Title: ‘“Let Him Paint Where He Can Dominate the Scene”: Tradition, Modernism and Autobiography in Paintings of Southern Ontario Landscapes, 1880-1914’
Chair: Dr Lynda Mulvin, UCD School of Art History

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