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During the 2014 AGM, ACSI members approved amendments to the Constitution.  The text is below:


1.  NAME:  The name of the Association is ‘The Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland’. In the Irish language it shall be styled ‘An Cumann le Leann Ceanadach in Eirinn'. In French it shall be styled 'Association irlandaise d'études canadiennes'.

2.  AIMS:  The Association shall support and encourage the study and understanding in Ireland of Canada: its culture, history, and institutions, and of the connections and parallels between the two countries.

3.  ACTIVITIES:  The Association shall organize a Conference once every two years, which shall be the occasion for the General Meeting (as provided for in Sections 6, 7 and 8). It may also organize or support other conferences, seminars, and meetings associated with the study of Canada.

The Association shall encourage and publicize any other activities pertinent to its aims and purposes, including exchanges, visits to Canada, special study programmes, etc.

The Association shall concern itself with identifying, classifying and publicizing the resources in Ireland that are relevant to the study of Canada. It shall seek to promote active co-operation with other organizations interested in Canadian Studies.

Having regard to available resources, the Association shall support publications that derive from the study of Canada in Ireland.

The Association shall publicize its activities via a Website, to be maintained by the Association for this purpose.

4.  MEMBERSHIP: The Association may have the following categories of Membership:

1) Regular: Any person with an active interest in Canadian Studies may become a member of the Association upon payment of the appropriate fee. Regular membership shall entitle a person to participate in all the activities of the Association, to hold office in it, to attend and vote at General Meetings and to receive all publications of the Association on terms laid down for members.
2) Student: Any student attending any Institution of higher education in Ireland, or any other such person who may be deemed eligible by the Association, may become a student member of the Association upon payment of the appropriate fee.

5.  AWARDS: Members of the Association only shall be eligible to apply for such awards as are administered by the Association.

6.  THE COUNCIL OF THE ASSOCIATION: The Council of the Association shall consist of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to five other Members of the Association (as provided in Sections 6.8 and 6.9 below). Membership shall be drawn from as many Institutions of higher education in Ireland as possible, and shall be representative of as many disciplines of Canadian Studies as possible. Members of the Council shall be normally resident in Ireland. Members of the Council are expected to attend Council meetings.

1) The Ambassador of Canada to Ireland shall be invited to become Patron of the Association.
2) The President shall hold office for two years, and shall not serve two consecutive terms.
3) The Secretary shall hold office for two years.
4) The Treasurer, who shall also act as membership secretary, shall hold office for two years.
5) The Secretary and Treasurer shall be eligible for re-election to their respective offices.
6) The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by the regular members as provided in Section 7.
7) The Council shall have power to co-opt additional Members to the Council, who shall be full voting members of the Association. In making such co-option, the Council shall attempt to ensure adequate representation of members from all disciplines within Canadian Studies and from all Institutions of higher education in Ireland.
8) The Association shall appoint any regular member as Convenor of the Biennial Conference. Such persons, if not already members of the Council, may be co-opted to the Council.
9) Any vacancy on the Council may be filled until the next General Meeting by majority vote of the Council.
10) The Association shall be affiliated with the International Council of Canadian Studies (ICCS/ CIEC).
11) The quorum for a Council meeting shall consist of four persons, including at least two officers.

7.  ELECTIONS: The elections for President, Secretary and Treasurer (as described in Section 6.6) shall take place at a General Meeting to be held every second year as part of the biennial conference. Election shall be by simple majority of a ballot.

Candidates for office shall be nominated and seconded by other regular members of the Association. Candidates for office must be normally resident in Ireland.

The following conditions must be met before an election takes place:
1) Notice of the general election must be given to the General Membership at least 35 days before the General Meeting.
2) The Secretary shall be responsible for inviting nominations for the offices of President, Secretary and Treasurer, and the names of those nominated, together with the names of those seconding nominations, shall be circulated to the General Membership at least 35 days in advance of the General Meeting. Each candidate shall provide a letter accepting the nomination and a brief CV, which shall be circulated as part of the nomination process
3) At this point, should there be no nomination for any of these three posts, the Secretary shall circulate a further call for any post lacking nominations, with a deadline of 20 days in advance of the General Meeting.
4) Nominees shall have the right to withdraw from the Election. If this results in a particular post lacking nominations, the Secretary shall circulate a further call for nominations as above at 7.3.

8. ADOPTION AND AMENDMENT OF THIS CONSTITUTION: This Constitution was adopted at the General Meeting of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland held at University College, Dublin on May 22nd 1982 and became effective in the form approved at that meeting. It was amended at the General Meeting of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland held at University College, Cork on April 29th 2004. Any proposed amendment to the Constitution must be made in writing to the Secretary by three regular members of the Association at least thirty-five days before a General Meeting. All such proposed amendments shall be circulated to regular members by the Secretary thirty-five days before the General Meeting called for the purpose of considering them as specified in Article 3. Votes shall be recorded in person at that General Meeting. The period of thirty-five days shall refer to the receipt of a valid proposed amendment by the Secretary. Any amendment to the Constitution shall require the support of two-thirds of regular members voting to become effective.

9. DISSOLUTION OF THE ASSOCIATION: Notice of any proposal to dissolve the Association shall be circulated to regular members as provided for in Section 4, and the Association shall be dissolved by simple majority of regular members voting at a General Meeting. In the event of dissolution, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all proper debts and liabilities shall not be paid to members but shall be paid to some other charitable organization or organization similar to that of the Association.

10. ACCOUNTS: The presentation to the General Membership of the accounts of the Association shall be undertaken by the Treasurer during the General Meeting of the Association.

11. EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING:  The Association may at any time, for any purpose, call an Extraordinary General Meeting at a time other than the biennial Conference. At least twenty-eight days notice shall be given to members on calling an Extraordinary General Meeting at a time other than the Biennial Conference. No business other than that specified in the notice shall be transacted at an Extraordinary General Meeting.


This Constitution was passed unanimously at the ACSI General Meeting that took place in the Meyrick Hotel, Eyre Square, Galway on 10 May 2014
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